Coral Coast’s Cuisine, Coral Coast & Pacific Harbour

Coral Coast’s Cuisine

There are many restaurants in the Coral Coast area to experience. IVI Restaurant, Ocean Terrace Restaurant, Eco Cafe and Beach Bar ‘n’Grill are some of the well-known hotels on the Coral Coast.

Don’t forget to try the famous Fijian delicacies such as Kokoda (sliced fish, topped with tomatoes, carrots, onions, dunked in lemon juice), Duruka (a vegetable similar to asparagus cooked in coconut) and Taro (a potato-like vegetable cooked in various ways).

You can also experience a lovo feast. Meat such as lamb, pork, and chicken are packed in banana leaves and placed on sizzling hot rocks. On top of the package, tubers like cassava and wild yam are placed. The whole package is then covered with earth and allowed to cook for two to three hours. Fijian curries are also very tasty especially chicken and fish curries.

Another food item you must try is fried breadfruit. Each of the breadfruits is dipped in batter and deep fried till they are golden yellow. There is also a local brew called kava. It has a small alcohol content, so be careful.


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