Cuisine in Macau, Macau

Cuisine in Macau

Macau cuisine is a mix of Portuguese and Asian flavors and you should expect to taste some ingredients that are unique to these cultures here. Coconut milk, curry, cinnamon and cloves are common additions to the recipes of the locals and aromatic food is thought to be the hallmark of a great chef here. The Macanese culinary delights are hard to beat and they have made a firm place for themselves in international cuisine today.


Try the Portuguese egg tart which is practically Macau’s signature dish. Among street snacks, the pork bun enjoys pride of place with its simple yet palate satisfying flavor and crunch. The sweet potato cake is another surprising dish that can make you yearn for more. If you love seafood, then tasting the Portuguese version here is a must. Taste some of the flavorful Portuguese seafood rice and you will never forget the perfect percolation of spice and taste in the soupy rice that accompanies perfectly cooked mussels or prawns.


Come dessert time, you must have the Serradura which is either served as pudding or as an ice cream. You might be surprised to find some crunch in the dish thanks to the crushed biscuits that line the top over the cream, vanilla and condensed milk. With its own Wine Museum and a Wine and Dine festival taking place here, it is evident that you can get your choice of alcoholic beverages here in Macau with ease.