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  • Jemenei Day, Marshall Islands

  • #VisitYap

  • Likiep Atoll, Republic of The Marshall Islands, Micronesia

    • One of the most beautiful places on earth
    • Amazing Lagoons with untouched white sandy beaches

  • Paranuii, Pohnpei FSM

    • a MUST visit when in Pohnpei
    • Direct access to the ancient city of Nan Madol
    • An exclusive resort in the buffer zone of the world Heritage site of Nan Madol

  • The Perfect Getaway!

    Pristine Paradise. Palau is open and safe for you! Come destress and check it off your bucket list, Feel at ease and enjoy a destination.

  • Palau Central Hotel

    Discover great service, comfort and convenience in the centre of downtown Palau.

  • The untouched Islands in the Pacific. Yap Micronesia . Masilog

  • Dance Your Way Through The Marianas

    Dance Your Way Through The Marianas with indigenous Chamorro and Refaluwasch dancers giving a tour of the islands of Saipan, Tinian and Rota.

  • GUAM x Rio Oshiro

    Check out this awesome video,  It’s always amazing seeing Guam’s beauty through different perspectives.

  • World's Greatest Wreck Diving Destination by Chuuk Visitors Bureau

    Beautiful Chuuk in Micronesia in the western Pacific has beautiful WWII shipwrecks covered in corals and many scenic islands and beaches.

  • Pohnpei in 60 Seconds [Pohnpei Surf Club]

    Welcome to the island of Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia. Pohnpei is located in the Eastern Caroline Islands, Micronesia, and lies 7 degrees north of the equator, roughly halfway between Honolulu and Manila.

  • Diving In The Marshall Islands

    A glimpse of diving in the clear blue waters of the Marshall Islands.

  • Hanging Gardens of Bali.

    We take you to the mystical Ubud Jungle and an exclusive luxury villa at the Hanging Gardens of Bali.

  • The Edge

    The Edge defies both convention and gravity. Clinging to the side of a 500ft cliff in Uluwatu, Bali.

Taj Coral Reef Resort & Spa