Activities on Langkawi, Langkawi

Activities on Langkawi

Langkawi, like every other Malaysian location, is a shopper’s dream come true thanks to its duty free status. Find what you need and more in the many shopping malls and retail outlets that you will find here. Expect to see international brands here whether you are browsing through perfumes, chocolates, liquor, luggage, fashion or mundane objects like utensils. Pay a visit to the quaint shops selling batik and songket prints if you are looking for unique gifts that reflect the island’s traditional roots.


Once you are done shopping, you can head to one of the pubs or bars that beckon to you by the beachside. Affordable drinks, friendly crowds and music set the perfect ambience for a night of frolic. The most popular beachside bars are at Pantai Tengah and Pantai Cenang where you will be pleasantly surprised to find the people willing and enthusiastic to make new friends. A visit to the Sunday Padang Matsirat night market is a good alternative if you are not in the mood to drop in at a nightclub. If taking in a good game of chance is what excites you, then Langkawi has many casinos to keep you entertained through the night too.


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