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Things to do in Nepal

Activities in Nepal

Most visitors head to Nepal for adventure travel. Rafting, kayaking and trekking are incredibly popular. Other activities include mountain biking, mountaineering, pony trekking and jungle safaris. Less strenuous pursuits include orchid tours, nature and culture tours.

Hot Air Ballooning is a perfect way to see Nepal’s breathtaking scenery and magnificent valleys, which are unmatched anywhere else on the planet. Horseriding is a very popular choice for touring various hill regions, especially where there are no other forms of transport.


Once you’ve seen the temples you’re likely to want to take some Nepalese handiwork home. Many of the wood carved pagodas, temple struts, bronze cast deities, windows and woodblocks of traditional design and stone sculptures available are surprisingly inexpensive. Brass and copperware and traditional Nepali and Tibetan silver jewellery are also available.


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