Philippines’ Cuisine, Philippines

Philippines’ Cuisine

Filipino cuisine has strong Spanish influences (from the 35-decades of Spanish rule that the country saw) and ones from other native traditions as well. Many Westerners are pleased when they learn that Filipino cuisine scores the lowest on the spicy food scale among South East Asian food. Filipino food creations are made to tantalize the palate, with loud combinations of sour, sweet and salty. Ginger, onions and garlic are often used in food preparations, and the prolonged cooking period beautifully brings out all these flavors in the food.

Roasted chicken, pork and fresh fish are a staple in the Filipino feast table, and as is rice. In fact rice features in all their meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Although you may find some Visayas’ locals choose corn over rice. Dessert is also an important part of the meal in the Philippines. The diverse variety of tropical fruit found here have allowed locals to create a range of exquisite desserts that keep you coming back for more. Turo-turo and Carenderias are budget food stalls in Philippines. Eating with hands is something that you may see in some country-side locations.


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