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Explore Philippines

Boracay is one of the most sought-after islands for tourists around the globe, and you cannot tell if it is the azure ocean, the coconut palms that gently sway to the wind or the sun-kissed sand that makes it so appealing. Restaurant and bar chains have not gone a deaf ear to the tourist racket in Borocay, and neither have the tourists to them. However, if the tourist activity is not to your liking, you can instead go to Panglao Island. Intramuros, Manila’s historical attraction is home to the country’s most prominent museums. Tourists also stop by Corregidor to see ruins from the Second World War.

Another tourist hotspot is Tagaytay that is home to the crater-lake Taal, with a Volcano at the center. Viigan which is declared as a World Heritage site by the UNSECO is also worth a visit. If you want to go diving, stop by Puerto Galera. The location also gives you trekking opportunities in the jungles where many tribals reside. Palawan is popular amongst scuba divers, with most of them choosing the world war wreck location to go scuba diving. Mount Apo has been deemed as a tough climb by even experienced mountaineers, and is also the tallest mountain around here.


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