Transportation in Philippines, Philippines

Transportation in Philippines

Although the Philippines has numerous modes of travel, the safety aspect of transit modes such as buses, ferry boats and taxis can be a point of concern. It is a good idea to seek the advice of the locals on the best mode of transport at a location. For instance, traveling by plane or ferry is advised for places like Misamis Occidental and Zamboanga del Norte. There have been many reports of armed hold-ups when individuals are traveling in public transport, landslide and flash floods incidents are other factors that may make getting around the Philippines a little difficult. All said and done, do not travel by yourself in remote areas.

Another thing that you should know is that ferries here are known for inexplicable delays that can go up to two days sometimes. Air travel is the preferred mode of transport for tourists who go island hopping. The Cebu Pacific Air and Philippines Airlines have been certified as safe for EU operations in the Philippines. While in the city, you can use jeepneys – a modified version of jeeps, to get around the place. You simply have to wave out to jeepneys for them to stop, and they charge an affordable fee of 8 pesos for every 4 kms with an additional 1 pesos for every km. These are preferred over pedicabs, rickshaws and traysikels by tourists, as they are not as cramped.


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