Sri Lanka’s Cuisine, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s Cuisine

Sri Lankan Food

Rice and spicy curry dominate native Sri Lankan cuisine. In Colombo, there are restaurants that offer a spectrum of international gourmet and fusion cuisine. Stalls and eateries offering delicious, reasonably priced fare are common too.

However, to truly eat like a local, you have to sample the delectable dishes served up at roadside haunts. Colombo’s roadside cafes serve up kottu – a mix of chopped roti, vegetables and meat – rice flour noodles eaten with curry), pittu and rotti. You could try the Sri Lankan way of eating with the fingertips of your right hand, but cutlery will always be available.

Sri Lankan Nightlife

Sri Lanka comes alive when night falls – be it at the chic relaxing cocktail lounges, modern international restaurants, lively pubs, pulsating discos, tapas bars or sports bars with their snooker tables and big TVs.

Columbo’s night scene, in particular, has experienced a spike in activity ever since a series of nightspots appeared within a short period of time, giving partygoers more options. Although there are many clubs and bars catering to young adults, those with live bands are very popular with a more mature crowd. The strong pub culture, coupled with Sri Lanka’s trademark hospitality, will definitely make your night out a great time to remember.


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