Things to do in Thailand, Thailand

Things to do in Thailand

Some of the popular places for shopping in Thailand are Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai. Carry a small hand towel with you to wipe yourself because it can get quite hot and sweaty during the day. The best time to visit a market is in the early morning or in the afternoon (because the markets are typically crowded in the evening). Plan where you want to go so you don’t go wandering in the city. Bangkok’s street markets are quite popular (Sampeng, Chatuchak, Saphan Phut, Pratunam). Do not offer a vendor a price, if you are not ready to meet it.

Bangkok is also known for its nightlife. There are a number of bars and nightclubs which are frequented by foreigners. The top nightclubs in Bangkok are Insanity Nightclub, Levels Club & Lounge, Route 66, Demo and Grease Nightclub. There are also a number of seedly back alley massage parlous and Go-Go bars in Bangkok but avoid those. In the south, Phuket has a very colorful nightlife. Seduction Club in Patong is very popular.

Gambling is illegal in Thailand. All games of chance and luck are banned in Thailand (except the state owned lottery). So don’t go betting on Thai boxing matches, fish fights and cockfights. If you are caught engaging in any one of them, the police will charge you.

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