Krabi’s Cuisine, Thailand

Krabi’s Cuisine

The local cuisine is marked by the heavy use of aromatic herbs and spices that make individual dishes look and smell as good as they taste. Try the seafood from Seafood Street and head to The Hilltop for fancy dining. The street food in Krabi is one of the best in the world and you can find every famous Thai dish to serve your taste buds.

In addition, there are several international restaurants, cafes and eateries headed by expats who treat fellow travels with popular food from their homeland. You will find Australian, Chinese, European, Indian, German, French, Italian, Irish, Japanese and Mexican cuisines with great ease in Krabi.

The most popular restaurants include Mr. Krab-i, Gecko Cabane, Frog and Catfish, Khaothong Terrace Restaurant and Chalita Café & Restaurant. Boogie Bar Ao Nang, Amy’s Bar, Smile Bar, Roots Rock Reggae Bar and Rick’s Bar are among the most popular bars for fancy beverages, alcohols and fun.


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