Things to do in South Vietnam, South Vietnam

Things to do in South Vietnam

Saigon may have some of the craziest traffic that you will find in South Vietnam, but the pulsating traffic is what keeps the city’s heart beating in a way. You will find both souvenirs and clothing at the various discount malls in Saigon, and once you’ve had enough of that you can eat your heart’s fill at one of its many gourmet restaurants.

Dalat city, VietnamHoi An, what was previously a port city, is now a place that is buzzing with tourist shoppers. You can get your hands on reasonably priced clothing that are designed to your liking in the port city. Dalat is another popular shopping joint in South Vietnam, where you can find beautiful handcrafted jewelry. Of course, being a prime hangout location, Dalat can get quite crowded, but the good thing is you can shuffle between its karaoke bars and shopping streets, when either of the haunts gets too crowded.


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