Vietnamese cuisine, South Vietnam

Vietnamese cuisine

While Vietnamese cuisine is known for its trademark noodles, in the south you will find that rice takes its place above noodles. Owing to its large coastline, seafood is a dominant part of the cuisine. Every meal will be accompanied by a platter that contains hot pepper, bean threads, cucumber, mint, basil, coriander and other herbs.

While you are in Saigon, make sure you taste Banh Xeo if you are looking for a quick bite. Banh Xeo is fried pancakes wrapped with herbs and lettuce. In some places like Ho Chi Minh, you will find the evident influences of French colonization in the cuisine and eat-out outlets alike. Stop by one of its cozy coffee shops and relish some Banh mi – a Vietnamese rendition of the stuffed baguette. Although sweet food is a favorite in South Vietnam, you will also find sour fish broth with tamarind flavors by the name Canh Chua in Mekong.


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