Aitutaki’s Cuisine, Aitutaki

Aitutaki’s Cuisine

Taro, bananas, coconuts and tropical fruits are abundant in Aitutaki, and in the local cuisine as well. Dairy products like milk are almost non-existent in the traditional food, but you will find vegetables, fruits and seafood in surplus. The food is often served on plantain leaves, in outdoor settings. Traditional food at Aitutaki includes coconut-fed pork, beef, lamb and chicken that is served with vegetables.

Maniota or arrowroot, kumara or sweet potato and taro are some vegetables that are commonly feature in the traditional food menu. These foods are slow-cooked in earthen ovens for hours together so they emanate smoky flavors. You will also get to try out a range of sea food from sea urchins to crab, remu or sea grapes, and more. Locals throw in a word of warning saying you should stay off from eating sea urchins right out of the sea, as you may not be able to tell if it is edible or not.


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