Exploring Aitutaki, Aitutaki

Exploring Aitutaki

One-foot Island in Aitutaki is speckled with lagoons and sandy beaches. It has the perfect setting for snorkeling, especially around the reef, away from the rocky ledges. You will also find the most secluded post-office here in One-foot Island. For one of the best swimming experiences in Aitutaki, you would want to stop by O’otu beach. Be sure to carry a pair of reef shoes and keep your eyes peeled, for you might just spot a hermit crab.

Moturaku is a tiny remote island where you can spot some amazing seabird species. Go on a guided jungle walk and you are sure to hear some interesting folklores such as the one where an island inhabitant lives in a cave with his daughter. Experience the local culture at Vaipae village. You can watch the locals engage in high-spirited performances as they tap their toes and swing their hips to the drumbeat. There are even fire dancers performing their art with techniques that take ages to perfect.


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