Cook Island’s Cuisine, Cook Islands

Cook Island’s Cuisine

Food in The Cook Islands

Many Cook Islands restaurants offer international and local cuisine all over the islands. Cultural attractions at Te Vara Nui and the Highland Paradise also serve up sumptuous buffet fare, alongside traditional cultural dancing.

Ask the friendly locals for their recommendations of the best local diners for goods like eke (marinated octopus), ika mata (fish in coconut sauce) and grilled sweet potato, some of which can be found daily at the Avarua marketplace. Travellers who fancy the local equivalent of a farmers’ market where fresh produce and homemade products by the islanders are on sale should go there for a “Go Local” spread which happens every two weeks.

Nightlife in The Cook Islands

On Friday evenings, join the Night Life Tours that showcase the hottest nightspots in the Cook Islands, where you can enjoy live entertainment. Major hotels often feature an Island Night Show with performances and an umukai or traditional Polynesian feast. Alternatively, head down to Matutu and Cook Islands Breweries for a unique-tasting, locally-made pint or two.


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