Activities in Rarotonga, Rarotonga

Activities in Rarotonga

The popular activities that you can indulge in on the Rarotonga Island include snorkeling, bike riding, scuba diving, horse-back riding, deep-sea fishing, hiking, boat tours, visiting restaurants, scenic flights, dancing, tennis, squash, watching island shows, exploring the island on mopeds, and definitely, relaxing at the beachside.

On Sunday, you can find several churches that have service along with a choral singing. The island life is completely relaxed and by the time its night, the locals and tourists gather near the sea fence which borders the airport runway’s end and get “jetblasted” by the incoming airplanes.

Music is an integral element of the lifestyle on Rarotonga Island. You can hear the hymns and the chants from the churches and the bands playing a combination of traditional and electronic ukuleles made using coconut shells. The activities on the island ensure that there is never a dull moment while you’re staying on Rarotonga Island.


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