Rarotonga’s Cuisine, Rarotonga

Rarotonga’s Cuisine

Polynesian cuisine is primarily characterized by seafood dishes and the restaurants on Rarotonga Island offer both kinds of dishes – traditional and also those in cooked in the island style.

A must-try delicacy on the Rarotonga island is the grilled ‘mai-mai’ or dolphin fish. It is especially popular at Trader Jack’s located in Avarua.

For those in the search of some gourmet dining on the Rarotonga Island, Muri’s Flame Tree is a good option. Gourmet dishes can also be savored at Tumunu and Portofino in Arorangi and Tupapa respectively.

The hotels on the island also boast of wide-ranging menus and typically offer a traditional buffet feast called ‘umu kai’ which is accompanied by some drumming and dancing. A traditional earth oven is used to cook the ‘umu kai’ with the help of radiant heat supplied by hot stones. In Avarua, travelers can also find café and lunch establishments which offer Polynesian and European meals.


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