Fijian Cuisine, Fiji

Fijian Cuisine

Cafes and restaurants are not at all hard to come by at Denarau, as they are a standard part of Fijian culture. Apart from Fijian cuisine, visitors can also find plenty of restaurants that specialize in Japanese, Korean, and Indian cuisine as well. Another interesting aspect of local dining is that the freshness of food is given high priority here, which means most of the places are very safe to eat at.

Fijian cuisine, not surprisingly, includes plenty of seafood. However, pork, chicken, and lamb aren’t uncommon either. Popular local dishes include Paulsami, which consists of baked taro leaves that are marinated in coconut milk and lemon juice and combined with meat/fish, garlic, and onion. The island is also known for its wide range of tropical fruits, which can be purchased or sampled at any farmer’s market.

Starch-based foods are also a common aspect of Fijian cuisine, which means potatoes, yam, taro etc. are part of the staple menu.


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