Food and Restaurants in Fiji, Fiji

Food and Restaurants in Fiji

Food in Fiji

There is a complete selection of local Fiji food and international cuisines to choose from. For a more authentic experience, pick Fijian restaurants and cafes frequented by locals in the know. In fact, many resorts have a relationship with nearby villages that will welcome you to try traditional Fijian fare during village tours or hikes.

Fijian cuisine is wholesome, affordable and full of variety. Mainstays of the local diet include yams, sweet potatoes, nuts, seafood or meat steamed or boiled in fragrant coconut milk and an assortment of foods cooked in a pit oven or logo. Fresh tropical fruits may also be purchased at farmer’s markets.

Kava, the national drink, is also worth a try. Made from the root of the pepper plant, Kava temporarily numbs your tongue and lips and relaxes your muscles. It has intoxicating effects and consumption of alcohol should be avoided.

Fijian Nightlife

When the sun goes down, Fiji’s partygoers come out to play. Most trendy nightclubs and surf bars are in Nadi and Suva on Viti Levu, along with a range of restaurants and cinemas. On smaller islands, entertainment comes in the form of Fijian Nights, organized by hotels and resorts. A make (song and dance) always livens up these boisterous parties, where logo and Kava are served.

For anyone visiting Fiji on a gap year, Beachcomber Island is perfect. This “party island” of Fiji is home to the Bula dance – somewhat of an island sensation, not unlike the Macarena, that serves as an icebreaker.


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