Fiji’s Cuisine, Fiji

Fiji’s Cuisine

Similar to the other areas in Fiji, food on the Taveuni Island is a typical combination of freshly sourced fish, other seafood and traditional root crops of Fiji like tapioca (cassava), taro, Fijian spinach, breadfruit, eggplant, western vegetables, avocados, etc. The cuisine is made even more flavorful by the incorporation of delicious tropical fruits like mangoes, guava, papaya, pineapples, coconut. There is also the influence of typical Indian cooking in the form of curries and addition of chilies and other Indian spices.

The locals on the Tavenui Island traditionally eat their food while sitting on the floor using their hands, even though the use of fork and knife is acceptable in modern Fijian culture as well. This way of eating has its roots in the earlier colonization by the British.

The “logo”, also called Fijian “oven” forms a traditional element of the Island feast. Food is prepared over a stack of very hot rocks and shielded from the top by banana leaves or coconut palm leaves.


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