Exploring Taveuni, Fiji

Exploring Taveuni

One of the must-visit tourist spots in Taveuni is the beautiful Lake Tagimaucia. Situated at a height of eight hundred meters and occupying a volcano crater, it is the home to the exceptional tagimaucia flower.

The Bouma Falls, also known as the most famous waterfalls in Fiji are also located on the Tavenui Island, within the Bouma National Heritage Park.

The lagoon and Vuna village’s southern part occupy an area called the South Cape. Here, the last volcanic activity caused spillage into the waters of the sea about 500 years back.

Matamaiqi blowhole is the Tavenui region’s highlight and has geysers which are formed by the trade winds that crash against volcanic rocks. At the distance of 20 minutes (on foot) from the Waiyevo town is the famous Waitavala Waterslide.

There are 8 major villages in Taveuni and the population is primarily concentrated on the island’s more sheltered, western part.


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