Mamanuca’s Cuisine, Mamanuca And Yasawa Island

Mamanuca’s Cuisine

Quite naturally, seafood is a staple on the Fiji Islands. There is amazing cuisine offered on the Mamanuca Islands, particularly its seafood. A very surprising fact about the cuisine on this island is that the food is quite strongly influenced by the Indian cuisine. It was the Indian laborers who introduced several interesting dishes in the 1800’s and 1900’s.

If you’re visiting the Mamanuca Islands, you must try the rourou soup, kokoda as well as some refreshing tropical fruit.

Kokoda is known to be a popular Fijian delicacy and tastes like ceviche (Hawaiian poke). It is made with raw fish pieces marinated using coconut milk and lemon juice and is typically accompanied by onion, tomato, and pepper.

A Lovo is famous as a classic feat meal. It is prepared by cooking inside the earth and tastes similar to barbecue. It considered as an efficient mean to prepare large food quantities.


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