The Fiji Culture Village


The Fiji Culture Village, Nadi

The Fiji Culture Village

Discover one of Fiji’s most unique destinations.

The Fiji Culture Village lets you experience Fijian hospitality, customs and lifestyle in a beautiful and unique setting.

Visitors get to interact with villagers in a natural, friendly environment and learn about their crafts and arts.

Open Monday-Sunday, the popular Cultural Night Tour begins at the bure (hut) with your traditional village guide and a guided tour of the village. You will visit the chief’s home and get the opportunity to view demonstrations of Fiji’s diverse rich culture, from carving, fishing, canoe making, pottery making and tapestry making. Your host will take you back into the life of Fiji before it was discovered by Dutch explorer, Abel Tasman and the arrival of the European and missionaries.

Then it’s time to unearth the lovo and prepare for dinner which is included in the tour. Lovo is a traditional method of cooking in an earth oven. A fire made in a pit in the ground is lined with heatresistant stones. When the stones are hot, food wrapped in coconut leaves is placed in the pit, covered with soil and left to cook before being exhumed and eaten.

The evening finishes with a meke performance and fire dance when the stage comes to life with the traditional kava ceremony and spectacular extravaganza of singing and dancing.


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