Activities in Suva, Suva

Activities in Suva

Local rugby matches can be a lot of fun, so try to catch one when you visit. Participating, however, might not be a good idea because you could get hurt unless you know what you are doing. If you want something less rough, you can head to the golf course for a round, or one of the many swimming pools for a relaxing swim.

You can catch local, Bollywood and Hollywood movies at the Damodar Theater at a very low cost and enjoy air conditioning if you want to get away from warm afternoons on the street. Beach and beachside activities are not very common and easily available.

For shopping, you can check out either the municipal market or visit one of the many flea markets around the city. They offer interesting and beautiful good at great prices, but you will have to bargain a lot before buying to ensure you are not being overcharged.


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