Explore Suva, Suva

Explore Suva

Suva is a very vibrant and interesting city that seamlessly blends local culture with modernisation. Some of the major attractions that you cannot afford to miss while in Suva:

Fiji Museum is a well-appointed museum with a detailed history of the city and the country for history buffs. The building also has artifacts collected over the years from all over the South Pacific region.

Nabalesere Waterfalls is just a short hike away from the city and can be a welcome break from the tropical heat. There are professional guides who can take you there and back.

Colo-I-Suva Forest Park is a little green haven in the city. You have to move inland to see this beauty. Hiking and walking trails crisscross the park and you will be able to hear and spot a number of tropical birds. There are natural pools where you can go for a swim.

You can also visit the Parliament Building and the Sacred Heart Cathedral which are known for their majesty and beauty.


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