Suva’s local cuisines, Suva

Suva’s local cuisines

The local cuisines has strong Indian and Chinese influences that are evident from the cuisines and the number of restaurants with these cuisines on their menu. A good chuck of the population in the city is India, and their influence on the restaurant culture does not go unnoticed. From street and small food places like Singh’s Curry House, to more upscale restaurants like Ashiyana and Maya Dhaba, there are a lot of places to get authentic and tasty Indian food.

Scott’s is known for its steaks, which are considered to be the best in all of Suva. It serves high end European cuisine. There are places where you can buy excellent fish and chips, bistros with all day breakfast menus, and coffee shops with great snacks and finger foods. If you are looking for something less expensive, head to the food courts at Tapoo and MHCC. They have a good variety in cuisines and are very affordable. McDonalds also makes its presence felt in the city with two outlets.


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