Activities in Tahiti, Islands of Tahiti

Activities in Tahiti

When visiting Tahiti, you must drop by at the Le Marché, a public market located in Papeete. At 155 years old, you will find an unlimited number of stands selling traditional Tahitian crafts, fruits, oils, vanilla, and flowers. It is the ideal place to buy authentic island merchandise and take back a souvenir for a loved one. With the exception of holidays, the market is open daily. Sunday mornings are particularly lively as locals gather for a fun family day at the market.

You can also enjoy a memorable dinner or dessert evening out at Vai’ete Square. It is famous for its informal dining options in the form of colorful food wagons that serve a plethora of favorite island dishes as well as desserts.

The circle-island tour has been a favorite of tourists for more than a hundred years. The tour route incorporates over seventy-one miles of beautiful coastline landscape with peaceful beaches, colored churches, and stunning cliffs. The famous stops in the tour include several waterfalls, overlooks, and heritage sites. The extended tour will also take visitors to the famous Tahiti-It peninsula.

You must indulge in some thrilling water sports such as snorkeling, diving, sailing, deep-sea fishing, canoeing when visiting Tahiti.


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