Exploring Tahiti, Islands of Tahiti

Exploring Tahiti

One of the most beautiful museums of the South pacific is the Museum of Tahiti. It automatically features on the must-visit list of tourists. The museum showcases the recorded history of Polynesia. The highlights of the museum include historical artifacts and an exclusive collection of exquisite art carvings. It also contextualizes and presents the European arrival on the island.

Another famous museum to visit is the Gauguin Museum. Dedicated to the life of Paul Gauguin, the museum is located inside the famous Harrison Smith Botanical Gardens. It features the Gauguin’s exclusive exhibits as well as memorabilia such as document copies, sketches, block prints etc. There are also representations of some of his iconic paintings in the museum.

If you are mesmerized by pearls, visit Tahiti’s popular Pearl Museum. Solely dedicated to pearls, it demonstrates different presentations and describes the ancient practice and history associated with the cultivation of pearls. They also throw light on the role of pearls in history, art, religion and mythology.

The Botanical Garden can be found right next to the Gauguin Museum. This beautiful, well-maintained garden hosts several hundred varieties of plants, tropical trees as well as flowers including bananas, hibiscus, palms, and bamboo.


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