Things To Do in Moorea, Moorea

Things To Do in Moorea

On a South Sea island as beautiful and picturesque as Moorea, there is plenty to do on land as there is underwater. Families can embrace excitement by traversing the warm lagoon waters through snorkeling, jet skiing or diving. Shopping can take place in the form of ‘made in Moorea’ handicraft products. The island’s various resorts are set in picturesque locales under canopies of green hills and white sandy beaches and provide a host of spas in which to relax in.

Take a tour of the island with a regularly chartered island-wide tour where your discoveries lead you to pineapple fields, unique shopping experiences, fruit tasting outlets and quiet beaches. Check out Moorea’s cotton, coffee, pineapple and sugarcane plantations or take a dive in the island’s various select snorkeling spots using the shallow waters. All would be enticed by the Swimming with the Dolphins Centre at the InterContinental where education of the great species meets side by side swimming with the dolphin in their natural habitat.


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