Food and Restaurants in Papeete, Papeete

Food and Restaurants in Papeete

The town can get really expensive when it comes to eating out at proper restaurants and fine dining establishments. There are places where you will have to shell out US$30 for just a hamburger and US$10 for a pint of beer. Microbreweries may charge close to US$35 for a small jug of their brew. Hinani beer pitchers will help you cut costs on drinks. Mid range restaurants charge between US$20-30 for a meal, with a lot of options in Chinese food.

For good inexpensive food, keep a look out for Roulottes. These are large food trucks which set up every evening in the main square at the waterfront. You can get local, French and Chinese cuisine choices at these shops at relatively low prices.

The waterfront has a number of small cafes and bars where you can find nice shaded places to rest while you are out on hot afternoons exploring the town and need a break.


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