Tahiti’s Cuisine, Islands of Tahiti

Tahiti’s Cuisine

Tahiti is quite famous for serving up some delicious food. All over the island, you will find some excellent restaurants that offer French, Polynesian, Italian, American, Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine.

Fish and various other seafood dishes will be part of almost every meal in Tahiti. The Tahitian food fare primarily includes poison cru, which is fish marinated using lime juice and coconut water. This is also Tahiti’s national dish and you will find several versions of this dish, some of them with Chinese or French influences.

Other types of seafood served on the island include crayfish, clams, shrimps and local fish from the ocean. You can gorge on the huge variety of tropical fruits available on the island such as mangoes, pineapple, coconuts, papaya, lime, grapefruit, and oranges. Local pork is also a part of many Tahitian dishes.

A popular local dish is a sandwich called ‘casse-route’, a must-try for tourists. Most of the poultry and red meat in Tahiti is sourced from New Zealand. So the restaurant menus will have less of chicken and beef dishes.

Dessert lovers should try the coconut bread called ‘Faraoa coco’. Firifiri, are donuts, shaped in the form of an ‘8’ and are enjoyed best when dipped in hot coffee.


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