Transportation in Tahiti, Islands of Tahiti

Transportation in Tahiti

Covering over two million sqm. miles of the beautiful South Pacific Ocean, the Tahiti islands comprise 118 islands spread over 5 archipelagos. While several islands are adorned with sharp peaks, others appear to float freely above the waves. Tahiti is located somewhere between Australia and California and falls in the Hawaii time zone.

Tahiti has its own international airport called the Faa’a International Airport, at a distance 5 km from Papeete. The airport was built in 1960 to aid various social and economic changes occurring at that particular time. Presently, almost seven different airlines are welcomed at the Faa’a International Airport. There are direct flights connecting Tahiti to several destinations all over the world including Los Angeles, Paris, Honolulu, Auckland, Tokyo, Rarotonga, Easter Island and Nouméa.

Air Tahiti Nui was launched in 1998 and connects Tahiti to the above mentioned international destinations. In 2009, two direct routes for New York and Sydney were closed due to economic reasons.

Air Tahiti takes flights to forty different destinations. Several popular destinations including Bora Bora, Raiatea/Rangiroa, and Huahine have daily flights operational which connect them to Tahiti. However, the Marquesas and certain other islands have just one flight running every week.


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