Activities in Chuuk, Chuuk

Activities in Chuuk

There is not much on the island in terms of nightlife. It is an island with a small population and simple way of life. But there is so much more Chuuk has to offer its visitors. Chuuk is a great place for kids to come and experience a unique way of life. Visitors can shop for handicrafts that are made by the locals. Bags made from the palm tree or banana fibers, wooden tools and accessories made from sea shells are a delight to take back home. Devil masks popular in the region are a part of the island folklore. The story has it that it was first used to scare a ghost that stole food from the people! Children can watch and may even partake in building huts, weaving mats, making ropes, carving canoes and climbing palm trees. Chuuk is a great place to witness a slower pace of island life.


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