Chuuk’s Cuisine, Chuuk

Chuuk’s Cuisine

Visitors to Chuuk can feast on local delicacies as well as Japanese and American cuisines. Most restaurants here serve multiple cuisines, catering to visitors from all across the world. Try Truk Stop restaurant or the Blue Lagoon resort for American and Pacific cuisines. Go to an Oriental restaurant for some Korean food or try Sunrise restaurant for some local flavors.

Chuuk is the ideal place for those who love to sample local produce. The staples here are fish from the reef, shellfish, octopus, crabs, chicken, pigs and plant sources like yam, banana, coconut, and breadfruit. When in Chuuk, get your fill of tropical fruits such as star fruit, soursop, mango, pineapple, wild apples, papaya and many other fruits native to the region. Families can also enjoy a beach day with a basket full of local fruits and quench their thirst with the fresh coconut available in plenty on the island.


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