Exploring Chuuk, Chuuk

Exploring Chuuk

Chuuk is a small island but there is plenty to see and do here. Children will especially enjoy hiking trails atop Mt. Tonaachaw. The locals revere the mountain as holy and consider it the home of their local deity. Visitors can scale the peak Iras (229 m) or enjoy the falls and the pool at the base of the mountain. Another place of interest on Chuuk is the lighthouse built by the Japanese. It offers the panoramic view of the Weno Island – the state capital and the main commercial center of Chuuk.

Children can explore more of history in the Nefo Cave, where one can see preserved remains of Japanese guns. The unique activity Chuuk is most famous for is wreck diving. The lagoon site with shipwrecks is a monument and divers need a permit to use the area. The best time to dive in the Chuuk waters is from December to May when the water temperature at about 30 degree Celsius, ideal for sea diving.


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