Guam’s Cuisine, Guam

Guam’s Cuisine

Chammoro Food & Places to Eat in Guam

Try out traditional kelaguen, made with meat marinated with lemons and hot peppers, on the side of red rice infused with achote seeds, onions and garlic. Spicy stewed marinated chicken, or kadon pika, goes well with red rice.

The Chammoros know their marinades well, so their barbecued meats grilled atop blazing tangan-tangan wood fires are a must-try too and you can end your meal with a bite of Chammoro caramelised coconut candy.

While the island has a variety of cuisine including American, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Filipino and Mexican dining options available, it is highly recommended that you keep a lookout for traditional Chammoro restaurants when you are dining out in Guam.


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