Kosrae’s Cuisine, Kosrae

Kosrae’s Cuisine

Kosrae has many hotels and restaurants offering great food of different varieties. Try Bully’s restaurant for some excellent seafood. Inum is the place to taste great international and local flavors where there is a different menu every night. Other places to eat are the Awane and the Nautilus restaurants.

When in Kosrae, sample the incredible variety of tuna dishes – grilled fish, sandwiches, saipok, burgers, and sashimi to much more. Those who love to try new flavors must eat lumpia rolls, mangrove crabs, and sour pork. Definitely try the famed soups served on the island such as the Sunday soup, which is made with tuna and coconut cream. Other soup to try is the egg-vegetable soup with salmon noodles. These local delicacies are available from local food stands and stores at very affordable prices. Dining in Kosrae is truly amazing and with so many varieties of dishes, it can satisfy all taste buds.


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