Exploring Kosrae, Kosrae

Exploring Kosrae

Visit Kosrae for its ecotourism, culture, and history. Explore the ruins of Menke and Lelu for an amazing experience. Menke ruins consist of basalt walls and platforms for religious practices. It is the site of worship of the Goddess Singlaku. Lelu ruins are a remnant of Kosrae’s architectural prowess evident as early as the 15th century.

Kids will love to hike the Mt. Finkol trail, which requires at least eight hours and a tour guide. See the mangroves in the James Palsis and the Utwe-Walung marine parks. Go to the Wiya Bird Cave to see the home of the swiftlets of the island. A visit to YELA Ka Forest is a must. It is the only island in the world with tree species of Terminalia Carolines. Other places of interest are the clam farm, the Sipyen waterfall and of course the beaches of Kosrae. The beaches are stretches of silver sand and offer breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.


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