Marshall Islands Cuisine, Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands Cuisine

Once known as one of the “fishiest” places in the world (“fishy” being a reference to the island’s overabundance of different varieties of fishes), the Marshall Islands continues to impress with its seafood-based cuisine to this day.

In addition to seafood, fresh fruits are another specialty of the Marshall Islands. Pandanus, breadfruit, cassava, gin, sweet potato, and lime as well as the traditional dishes prepared with them, are among the “must-haves” on the island.

You can enjoy fresh seasonal produce and a variety of traditional dishes from hawker stalls lining the road from Laura to Ajeltake. You will also find several eateries selling popular dishes from Chinese, Filipino, Japanese and other oriental cuisines. For more contemporary and International cuisines, head to restaurants such as the Tide Table (by Robert Reimers Enterprises) and Enra Restaurant (by the Marshall Islands Resorts).


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