Exploring Marshall Islands, Marshall Islands

Exploring Marshall Islands

The Majuro Atoll, comprising 53 islets, is the most beautiful and important (politically, economically and transport-wise) constituent of the Marshall Islands. It has been named the “Pearl of the Pacific” and offers several pristine white beaches (in Laura, the far west of the atoll) and several stunning landscapes and prolific deep-sea finishing activities (in Amo Atoll).

The Kwajalein Atoll, which is also the world’s largest coral atoll (as measured by lagoon size), has served as the premier location for the development of weapons of mass destruction by the US Department of Defense.

On the outer islands, you can find some great spots for fishing or diving. The locals of the outer islands use traditional korkor canoes and offer trips to uninhabited islands around. Those interested in the military history of the island during World War II will also find a lot to learn and explore on the outer islands.