Pacific International Inc. Apartments & Hotels, Marshall Islands

Pacific International Inc. Apartments & Hotels

Enjoy home-away-from-home comforts in Majuro, and discover the unspoiled wonders of the Marshall Islands.

Lojkar Apartments & Hotel
Sleep in complete comfort in spacious, modern rooms and enjoy quality service by the cheerful staff. Each hotel unit provides two bedrooms with a fully-equipped kitchen and separate living/dining areas and wash room. Modern amenities include air-conditioning, telephones, cable television, and Wi-Fi hotspot accessibility. There is also daily housekeeping and an airport shuttle service available. The apartments are conveniently located away from the busy traffic of downtown in a private village which is a popular location accessible to public transport, shopping, dining and entertainment.

Onsite services
Convenient for guests is onsite travel agency Pacific Unique Travel which can assist guests in organising further travel arrangements as well as adventures and more. Another visitor service is car rental Pacific Wheels which offers automatic cars at great rates, with seating up to five passengers.

Enemanit Beach Getaway
A tropical paradise, Enemanit Beach Getaway at Enemanit Island, an affiliate of Lojkar Apartels, offers white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters with great snorkelling where you can view stunning marine life, a popular dive site and airplane and ship wrecks.

Majuro Net Yard
The Majuro Net Yard is your one stop shop for all your fishing vessel needs. Located on the Kramer Dock, the net yard allows fishing boats to repair nets, and stocks a variety of fishing products for sale.

Pacific International Inc. Apartments & Hotels
P.O. Box 6, Majuro, Marshall Islands 96960 MICRONESIA
Tel: +692 625 3122 / 3560
Fax: +692 625 3348 / 3476
Email: [email protected]


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