Internet speed in Palau, Palau

Internet speed in Palau



Palau now has a fiber optic internet connection and internet speed is fast. On my recent visit to Palau on Nov 28th 2019. I tested two internet service providers and here’s what I found:

Free Wi-Fi at The Airport

Once you land and line up on the immigration line, you can start using free Wi-Fi. However there is no free Wi-Fi on the departure gate and you will either need to buy one of the options below.


PNCC (Palau National Communications Corporation)

When you exit from immigration, you will see a PNCC booth and you can buy a sim card for $25. Then simply dial *780# to get a list of plans you can purchase.  PNCC has 3 options, the first is a sim card plan. The second is a Wi-Fi modem that you can be used for more than one devices and the third is a prepaid internet card.

PNCC palau wifiPT Waves

This is probably the cheapest option as they offer $3 prepaid cards for unlimited 3 days internet. However connections are only limited to Wi-Fi locations. Don’t worry there are plenty of Wi-Fi locations and almost every place I go to has a Wi-Fi connection to PT Waves including the airport’s departure gate.

ptwave wifi palau

Key Contacts In Palau

Palau Visitors Authority
Address: PO Box 256, Koror, PW 96940
Phone: +680-488-2793/1930
Email: [email protected]
Fax: +680-488-1453



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