Palau’s Cuisine, Palau

Palau’s Cuisine

Palau's Cuisine


Food in Palau

The main island of Koror caters to a range of tastes, including Korean, Chinese and Western cuisine, which is preferred amongst the younger generation.

Palauan cuisine incorporates local foods like root vegetables, fish and pork. The nation’s Filipino immigrants spiced up the indigenous cuisine with their own. For a truly local mealtime experience, you can also partake in the chewing of betel nuts or try out refreshing alcoholic drinks made from the Kava plant and coconut.

Palau Nightlife

Palau may not have a thriving night scene but there are nightspots to kick back and knock back a few of the local Red Rooster beers. Little rustic bars at dive shops offer excellent spots to watch the sunset from.

Malakal has an impressive number of nightlife venues, ranging from al-fresco cocktail lounges to pool halls, some with live entertainment or karaoke. For more adventurous nightlife in Palau, hop down to the dance clubs in Malakal’s port area that teem with younger Palauans. Most places open till 2am.

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