Famous Yap’s Cuisine, Yap

Famous Yap’s Cuisine

There are several restaurants in Yap serving traditional and international cuisines. Manta Ray Bar and Grill is the most famous of all for its location as it is situated atop a schooner. Most restaurants in Yap are in the capital Colonia. Juhn’s Oasis Restaurant serves American and Filipino delicacies and also delicious baked goods. Ganir Restaurant is the place to enjoy some local flavors.

When in Yap, one can enjoy a delicious bounty of fruits such as coconuts, wild apples, breadfruit, sour sop fruit, mangoes, pineapple and star fruit. Even the banana found on the island is more nutritious than the usual ones found elsewhere especially the Karat variety and are used for infant foods. Seafood is, of course, popular here and tourists can eat their fill of crabs, shellfish and other fish varieties. Chicken and pork are also used for local dishes.


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