Important To Bring, Papua New Guinea

Important To Bring

Papua New Guinea is known for being an affordable tourist destination, with tourists from Japan, Australia, and South East Asia thronging its shores. Visa is a must for every foreign national who wishes to enter Papua New Guinea. Some foreign tourists are eligible for visa on arrival.

You can enter Papua New Guinea by plane, boat or by road. If you are coming by road, you will have to cross over at Papua (Irian Jaya, Indonesia). This may involve a bit of preparation. But if you are entering from here, the tourist visa is free of charge.

Try to avoid visiting Papua New Guinea between December and March as it will be very wet (rainy season) at that time and you will be put to a lot of inconveniences. Some consider Papua New Guinea a risky destination because of its history with criminal gangs, known as rascals. However, this is restricted to the cities and interior regions are quite safe.

Always drink water from trusted sources because water-borne diseases are common in Papua New Guinea. It is also a good idea to carry some basic medicines because there is no guarantee where you will find a doctor even though there are government dispensaries everywhere. All in all, Papua New Guinea is an affordable tourist destination but do read up as much as you can about the place before coming here.


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