Papua New Guinea’s Food & Beverage, Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea’s Food & Beverage

The staple diet of Papua New Guinea consists of tubers, yams and taro; basically a number of starchy vegetables. The major livestock in Papua New Guinea is the pig, so pork is the most common meat. Still, meat makes a miniscule portion of the average Papua New Guinean’s diet and it is cooked only on special occasions. People living near the coast have a preference for seafood.

Papua New Guineans are have something called ‘Melanesian time’, which means things will be done in their preferred timing therefore if you go to a restaurant, expect to be served late. If local food does not agree with you, there are other western options available in the capital. Food is relatively cheap in Papua New Guinea and should you get to know some locals, they might even invite you home for a home cooked meal.

Alcohol is expensive in Papua New Guinea though if you are willing to pay, you can procure almost any type of alcohol here. The local favorite is SP Lager or South Pacific Lager. Many Australian and New Zealand brands (of alcohol) are also available.


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