Port Moresby’s Cuisine, Port Moresby

Port Moresby’s Cuisine

The staple diet of the Papua New Guineans consists of starchy vegetables like taro, sweet potato, breadfruit, wild sago, and yams. Hotels and restaurants do serve western food (especially those that cater to tourists), so getting a good western meal won’t be a problem. The food is super cheap though the alcohol is expensive.

Some good restaurants in Port Moresby are Daikoku (Japanese), Crowne Plaza (Mediterranean), Royal Papua Yacht Club (Australian), Asia Aromas (Chinese). As you can see, the food choices are quite cosmopolitan.

As for alcohol, the choices are very limited though you can get some Australian and New Zealand brands. The local drink is the South Pacific lager or SP lager. Even better is the SP Export lager or Nuigini beer. Note that alcohol prices are a bit high because it is heavily taxed. If you want to have a drink in the city, we recommend that you either bring drinks back to your room or visit your hotel bar or a sports bar.


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