Exploring Port Moresby, Port Moresby

Exploring Port Moresby

The most famous landmark in the city is the Port Moresby Nature Park (formerly called the National Botanical Gardens). If you want to see a cassowary, the famed flightless bird, this is your chance. The park is also home to wallabies, birds of paradise and other beautiful creatures.

The Ela Beach Craft Market is also popular with tourists. Many craftsmen from around the region converge here on the last Saturday of every month to sell handwoven baskets, beautiful island carvings and a number of other souvenirs. If you are arriving around September, plan your visit to coincide with the Hiri Moale Festival (there is a famous race here).

Port Moresby has high crime rates. There are a number of criminal gangs called ‘raskols’ in the city, so always go out with the company and with caution (if and when you are going out). Otherwise, the city is very beautiful and there is a lot to see here.


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