Social Life and Culture, Papua New Guinea

Social Life and Culture

papua new guinea port moresbyPapua New Guineans are known for their wood carvings. The carvings are usually of animals and plants because the Papua New Guineans believe that the creatures were their ancestors at one time. The country also has a very old tradition of visual arts.

Christianity is the major religion (96% of the people identify with one or the other branch of Christianity) on the islands but it is very animistic. Papua New Guineans have created their own special brand of Christianity, infused with tribal elements, therefore, ritual dances and local festivals are very popular.

Your best chance of catching some nightlife is in Port Moresby. Be careful, however, because Port Moresby is known for violence. Women tourists should never travel alone to these places at night. There are many clubs in Port Moresby which are popular with foreign tourists such as Club 69, Aero Bar, Planet Rock and Aviat Club. If you want to shop, your best chances are in the provincial centers, especially Port Moresby where is the most westernized. Of course, you can buy local handicrafts and souvenirs almost everywhere on Papua New Guinea.

Gambling is legal in Papua New Guinea. The locals are discouraged from gambling so don’t be surprised if the casinos have hefty entry fees. There are casinos in nearly all Papua New Guinea provinces so wherever you go, you will always be close to a casino.


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